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Finding best twin mattress for toddler

Finding  best twin mattress for toddler

Choosing best twin mattress for toddler is an important decision. The right twin mattress can reduce the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other health hazards for your newborn. Newborns babies sleep between 16 and 18 hours per day, and twin mattress are not only for sleeping, they are often used as play areas. Your child could be spending up to 20 hours per day in a crib!

This site is dedicated to helping new and expectant mothers choose the top rated twin mattress for their baby. It is a compilation of months of research from a new mother who experienced the doubt and concern that you can feel when choosing the right product for your baby. The introduction of a child into the world is a joyous occasion and we want to help you by sharing our experiences.

Best twin mattress for toddler

When I had my first child, Aiden, I was given a twin mattress by a friend. Although well intentioned, I was concerned about the potential buildup of dust mites and other nasty things. I visited a shop selling baby bedding in my town and a very suave salesman tried to sell me an extremely expensive mattress claiming it was the safest twin mattress available. I returned home and researched the brand on the internet and discovered the manufacturer used a lot of harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process. I immediately threw away Aiden's old mattress and purchased the perfect twin mattress instead. Aiden is now a strong and very athletic boy. We attribute his health in part to my investment in the best twin mattress available.Click here to check more reviews of best twin mattress for toddler.

Twin mattress contain a lot of unknown materials. The contents of your mattress are hidden from you by an exterior covering. What cheap and potentially toxic materials are worker stuffing into these mattresses? Your baby could be harmed by noxious fumes or allergens contained in a twin mattress. To cut costs and maximize profitability manufacturers take all sorts of shortcuts in production.